Creating “Self-Help” Books that Count!

Its true in this day and age “ANYONE” can write a book. Although, its only the best of the best who can actually create a book that matters. When it comes to the “Self-Help” non-fictional book, I do believe it matters who and what is written. What we as authors put out there does make a difference. We may not reach everyone but we do reach those who indeed we are supposed to touch, in a way that makes a difference and that’s what is meant by these types of books! They are truly out there to help others and to reach the right audience for that type of book. Writing a self-help book for any other reason to help other people is not really the right reasoning for writing a type of book of this nature. So, please keep in mind with this type of book that it’s not about the making of money but rather indeed, to help others with that specific problem. I can’t understand anyone writing this type of book for any other reason than that.

So, with that being said it does matter and make a big difference to the readers who is writing these self-help types of books. I as a writer, author and a reader do not want to read a self-help book by a person who has not dealt with the topic at hand. I want to read a book of this magnitude by someone who has experienced the topic or subject matter. I don’t want to read it from someone who is just doing the research and just find out about it. It’s just not going to ever be the same or up to par, as it will be by someone who knows the topic off the top of their head…that goes without doing the research. It comes more from the heart and a more realistic viewpoint. This is just how I feel. I do not even want to read about it by a Doctor or other medical professional. I want the real deal from someone who has experienced it. It’s how it has to be for me and how it comes across as real for myself. I’m not sure how everyone else feels but this is my opinion on the matter at hand here.

By all means pick up a self-help book from a medical professional and then pick up another one by a person who has suffered from that illness, drama or trauma in life. You will by all means feel the difference in how it is written and you will perceive it differently. It will be much more inspiring from the non-professional. Again, this is just my opinion and everyone has one…BUT I know that you will see what I am saying if you try reading both versions one by a professional in that field that has never suffered from that debilitating disease or problem and one who has. It’s written much differently and will make you see things in a much different light coming from the one who actually has felt the same way as you have.

I don’t know maybe it should be some unwritten law that these types of books are only written by those who has experienced your issue. I know this will never come to light but would be an awesome thing to see. SO, what are your thoughts on putting a law into effect? Would it or could it ever happen? I know doubtful but would be great! There are so many nonsensical laws out there in existence but when we really need one they are never put into effect. Oh well, we can all wish for things that will never come true or at the very least just bring them to light:)

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Morning “INK” Edition – The Realm of Possibilities in Life is Really up to YOU:)


We all travel through life with either a positive optimistic outlook or a negative downer type of one. We can either roll with the punches and take them as they come or sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. I choose to keep on smiling while making others wonder why I am doing this. By doing this, it makes me feel more positive and rather optimistic that things will turn out right. After all I do have God in my pocket so to speak and who’s going to question him? If you keep him in your path with the realization that he will direct you in the manner in which you are supposed to be. Along the way, sure he is going to bombard you with lessons of life and even give you a bit of crap that you don’t want. However, in turn he will reward you in ways you never thought of. I know, we all want things but he will usually give you what you need rather than the perks of everything you want. If you keep a positive outlook than it all turns out in the end.

One must just ride out the storms to get to the beautiful sunrises further along in the horizons. It’s not really rocket-scientist subject matter here. It’s rather common sense but people tend not to see the good in life and they dwell on the bad sides of it. We look at the negatives not even seeing the positives up ahead. Sure it sucks that we even have to have bad things happen or so-called negatives in our lives. Yes, we’d all like positives and all happy times along the path of life. Although, it just doesn’t work like that. We are constantly being taught lessons within our lives.

We are being challenged and strengthened by each and every one of these types of challenges. Basically, God is saying “Let’s see what you got! Can you handle this because I think you can!?!” He is trying to though like I said to teach us something whether its patience or whatever. One must have that patience in life while waiting out the storms because if you don’t the struggles of life will eat you alive. You must like I said roll with the punches no matter what and never give up or give in to it all. Keep that smile on your face no matter how hard life seems to be…because in the end you will find that pure happiness and joy that comes within yourself and life! Just keep the faith and I promise you things do turn out in the ways that they are supposed to. It may just take you by surprise when you get to your next destination. Don’t ever underestimate the positive powers of God and your faith in him doing the right things to help you with your journey throughout your life!

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Late “INK” Edition – Is the Problem With “Crazy” is that “Crazy” Doesn’t Know It?

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

I hate to think about this topic, as I don’t want to sound harsh or unrealistic here. But really “Is the problem with “Crazy” that “Crazy” just doesn’t know it?” OR what? I have dealt with many types of people in life and its sad to say that there are some legitimately “Crazier” types of people in this world. I’m not talking about the local “Joe” or “Jane” on the street. The types that you say are crazy and you really believe they are crazy. I’m talking about the ones who are truly insane but let loose on the rest of us! Because I’m sorry but “Crazy” doesn’t always know its “Crazy” and that’s just the name of the game. If they don’t know it-we all seem to pay for this-Crazy can be scary to the rest of us and we must step in to keep our sanity or at least our wits about us:)

I have been called all the names in the book including crazy. I don’t care now what others think about me-I am what I am and guess what “I like who I am”. I haven’t always been perfect and I’m not now either. But my life has taken many great turns in recent years and I’m a much happier and better person for those changes. I don’t think anyone should judge a book by its cover unless they have glossed their way through that book. By all means than I’d say you can judge that book because you have delved down deep within it and then you have the right to do so. I have been called all these names due to my Manic Depression Illness which at this point everyone should now know more about. It’s not as bad as some believe and I don’t go around committing crimes or hurting anyone. Many people judge me by that illness when they don’t know shit about it. Its sad-get your facts then come to me and see what I have to say to you. I’m a functional, rational, smart and creative person with a brain to boot. I can kick your ass with my wits, charm and clever way of making you see things in a new light. So, please leave the judgment at the front door and maybe take a look inside my world with understanding and kindness-not harsh judgment from a person lacking any common sense or rationality about the disease that affects more than we’d like to admit these days. It was hush-hush back in the day but I’m here to say f-that sh**…. we need to stand-up and fight for the rights of the “Legally insane” LOL……..

No, really this is not what this posting is about. It’s actually of a more serious topic and that is the clearly mentally challenged handicapped person who in reality really does not know they have lost it. I have known so many in life that truly seem insane in their actions but still not what I’m talking about. I am talking about people who for one reason or another has lost it. They truly should not be amongst the rest of us and should be hospitalized. It’s hard a lot of times for family to do this to a loved one.

But there comes a time when a person is totally out of sorts and is disrupting everyone elses lives that it comes to say…”Why are you letting this person run their own lives?”. They are mentally and physical at times incapacitated but we still try to help them, deal with them and cater to their needs. We allow them to make judgment calls that the rest of us would never do. At times these calls may make our lives harder to live with but because we love them-we let them do this? WHY??? None of it makes sense to me but I see it time and time again. It boggles my mind to this day that this is happening. I know doing the right things in life are hard sometimes. Although, if a person’s actions are no longer valid to society and what is acceptable behavior than someone has to take away the keys so to speak!! I’m just saying-i’m trying to talk rationally here about a serious topic. It’s not just the aging this can happen to but our youngsters too. But the aging play a key factor in this type of thing. Its sad when dementia sets in and memory starts failing. However, we must all do our part to step in when stepping in is needed. We cannot allow incapable people to run their own lives if its destructive the themselves and others. Their well-being should be of our utmost importance now!

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Morning “INK” Edition – Life Positivity When the Chips Are Stacked Against You!!


Everyone has drama, trauma and obstacles in life. Most of us do 360’s on a daily basis while jumping through the hoops of life. If you’re strong or have a will to survive this is what you do and keep on doing to survive. I have had my share lately of these life stresses I’ll call them. But its more like horrendous extreme drama which is within major life changes for my whole family.

I went through this time for over the last few months and while doing all I was doing for others…I kept on saying that God was going to bless me someday for all the things I was doing. I don’t know how, I don’t know when but I do know he will. I have done many good deeds lately:) I know, wishful thinking but in life one must be positive or where do you go with things? If you always go the negative route than really you’re headed for a very long life. It’s probably not going to be much fun for you and the possibilities with that outlook are just not good. I believe one must rise above all the crap of life and keep as positive as possible. If you don’t life won’t really go too smoothly and you will only be a very miserable person.

In life, there are lots of things we don’t really want to partake in or do. But we have no choice so…we do them. Although, when doing them if you realize there is a greater reason than what can truly be seen. The realm of possibilities are endless and its true that good things come to those who wait. I know, it’s so cliché to say but I do believe it to be true. Go figure? Anyway-if you keep the great attitude about life and realize that things can only go up from where you are, than your probably on the right track with it all. Perhaps, I am making you kinda sick with my optimism but I have had a hellish life with lots of pitfalls. I have endured things that most have not. We all go through crap and I get that. However, some of us go through more than others and that’s what is in store from us.

I’m not sure a lot of you know about “blueprints” which are written before you are even born or thought up, so to speak. I know, I know sounds insane but hey, it could be true and just what a little birdy told me. SO, in these so-called “blueprints” of your life… you yes, you decide how you will live your life out and for the most part it follows this “blueprint”. The good news is that some of those items that yes, you requested because you must take the good with the bad can actually not be stopped although, rather lessened by your actions. For example, if you are supposed to have a car accident and become a vegetable…rather harsh I know but this could actually be overridden a bit and you only have a fender bender. I do understand that this sounds too good to be true but it is possible. The only thing you cannot change is how and when you pass away. This is set in stone and unfortunately none of us actually really know when its coming. Also, that’s the one thing in life…one must do alone. Yup, I’m a party pooper here-sorry. Take it all with a grain of salt because to really explain all of this it would take me a very long time to do so. Just know there is more out there to life and it’s not all bad. Be optimistic not a downer and trust me sh** will come your way and in the good way not the crappy way. Enjoy your day WordPress Crew:)

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Morning “INK” Edition – In Hand Books Will Always Exist BUT…More & More Turn Now to the Cheaper e-books:(


The older generations seem to be trying to keep up with the times nowadays. There are some who choose not to do the computer type of thing but most are plugging away on the computers. You can find the older senior citizens on Facebook and other social medias just like the rest of us whom are younger in age. I do though feel that even as I’m in my forties that the older generation would agree that the best way to read a book is through age-old way of having a book in hand. I know, times have changed and there are e-books out there for us to be enlightened by. I get this and totally understand it but it’s not quite the same as seeing the cover of that new book and opening it up to that first page. It doesn’t feel or seem the same to me to just look at our ebooks on a screen.

Now we know times are tough and the prices of the ebooks are ridiculously cheap now. I mean you can get a whole long novel for .99 cents. It’s sad because regular paperback and hardcover books cost so much more. Plus, everyone is putting their ebooks on sale to increase their profits. The regular type of books can not survive except for those who truly appreciate the old standard ideas and concepts of having that book in our hands. Sure I get its easier to use the e-book on-the-run so to speak. But do we really want to make those good old book obsolete? I know they will never not exist but because of the financial state of our times…more and more are going to the ebooks. I just wish some could recognize the importance of the book in hand theory we will call it!

I use both but do still love having the book in hand version. I’m just hoping others feel this way too. It is old-school and I of course get this but we must not forget these types of books or how they changed our lives from day 1. We must try to indulge in them as much as possible without forgetting the importance of them. We must put these books in our kids hands and not just fill them up with ebooks, as well. Keep these books in our hands so, our hearts will flourish with the old times. The way things use to be is sometimes more important than our new technology. Please stand-up for the rights of our book in hands:)

SO, what is your theory on this topic? Do you feel we’re better with the e-books now or should we still keep on buying the higher priced in hand versions?

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Morning “INK” Edition – Books Can be a Hit OR a Miss…BUT for Those Who Create Them They are an Grandiose Accomplishment!


It cannot be denied that many people have some great ideas for wonderful books. Although, some are only out to make a buck. This is an unfortunate thing but just par for the course for some. I don’t believe a book should be written solely for the purpose of making money. I think it should be written because you have a story to tell, help to give or an idea to express and not for any other reasons. I believe we all have a story to tell or something of interest to share but we should not all be writing books! That’s just the facts here from my perspective.

I don’t think a book should just be slapped together and called a book. I believe it should be a creation of a person’s own mind-a true gift to share with others. It should contain thoughts from your perspective with a creative nature of your own. It should not be for purely self-satisfying needs of making money. Sure we may need money and want money-whatever but that is no reason to justifying writing a crap-filled book with no thought about what you are putting out there to the public. The reader of books is not a stupid mind. They won’t buy what you’re selling just because your selling it. If it’s from the heart and driven by your own imagination well, then it will mean so much more to that reader. No one wants to buy a book that is garbage and from a non-caring perspective. We are real-readers, writers etc… we are not stupid and we can see through the display of crap in books out there. Unfortunately, with the internet today any Joe or Jane can write a book and sell it. We have no filters for some of the nonsense that is out there. This is an unfortunate thing but I think we all have the smarts to decipher it all. It’s just a sad thing that nowadays people can get away with it and we have to deal with it. We shouldn’t have to is all I’m saying.

When writing a book please remember it’s for the love of writing, creating and taking the time to nurture the essence of that book. Take your time to make it right and take the reader on a trip through your mind! Don’t write a book if you don’t love to write. Sure we have writer’s blocks and other things along the way that might seem discouraging to us but in the end we love the art of it. So, please love what you do with your creating of a book and if you don’t love than please don’t burden the rest of us with what you are trying to sell to us. We don’t want it-we want what’s real, what’s natural and what is a true creation from a true writer. Of course, one who loves writing and thrives on it!

A book is our grandiose accomplishment and we should all be proud to even have written one book. No doubt most of us have written more but even just one is a great accomplishment in one’s life. That should not be taken lightly. But if you wrote it for the wrong reasons…it was not that hard to do and probably means little to you. If you love to write and put your whole self into than you understand where I am coming from. Finishing up your first book…on that last page is not like many feelings that you feel in life. It’s hard to explain but it is an awesome feeling. I hope all who deserve to feel that feeling do so and then you will truly know what it means to be called a “WRITER”:) As always, enjoy your day WordPress Crew!!

So, what is all of your take on this topic? Do you believe too that there are lots of books out there, that should not be on the market now? Is there anything that can be done to prevent this type of thing in the future? I don’t believe so but what do you think?

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Morning “INK” Edition – When it Comes to Writing Books…You Can’t Please Everyone All the Time!


Did you ever wonder what makes a great book so “Great!”? It’s funny to hear about classics and the ultimates in great books. I find this amusing because it’s all really a matter of opinion. You can call a book great but it’s not going to be great to everyone. Books are a matter of taste. They exist because we bring them to light to exist as writers. Although, we are all not going to like all the so-called classics and great books out there. We are all not the same and even if a book may be written well…its not always going to be to our liking. Sure they can consider books “classics” and most of us can’t deny the reasons for which they are classics. However, they are not all going to be our cup of tea. It’s like I always say you cannot please everyone all the time or ever. That is just not possible to do. I wish it was but it is not and your really not thinking realistically if you think you can please them all. When writing a book well, sure some will like it but not all will like. Of course, some may even love it but you are never going to satisfy the needs, wants or desires of everyone within your book writing. And that’s no matter how creative or talented you are. This is just a fact of life in the world of the writer-successful or not. You write hopefully for the pure love of it and if something becomes a big splash well then, it was meant to be but you keep your expectations within reasons. When the rewards come in then you will be even more delighted with them. I keep my expectations realistic and then bask in the glory if or when it happens. I know I should keep my expectations higher in some people’s eyes while reaching for the stars but I’m more of a realist I guess and this is just how I am. It gives me less of a heartache if things don’t go my way. I stay positive but in a more down to earth type of way, which works for me.



So, when writing a book keep your expectations in check, be realistic and think outside-the-box with the content of your book. Don’t worry so much about the outcome and if you’re in it for the money…well, better going searching for a new way to make it. This is not an easy arena to be in and it’s not for the meek. Keep your head up and your heart in it but please by all means do it for the love of it, if not for any other reasons. It can’t be real if for any other reasons. Many out there are just out for the bucks but in this world of the writer……..most are barking up the wrong tree, as this is not that type of field. It can be lucrative with the right help I’m not saying it can not. But most readers will see through your books if you are not producing them out of a love for them. If you are just producing book after book in a quick manner with no creative nature to them just to get books out there…i’m thinking they will not go far. But that’s just my opinion so, take it with a grain of salt:) I think the truer type of writer is that of a more natural talent in which there is a great love for writing and it’s not all about the money or making it. Writers are a rare breed and only the great creative talents with this characteristic of love of writing books will survive in the end!! Enjoy your day WordPress Crew:)

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