Late “INK” Edition – Capture Me in Four Paragraphs or Less…This is How I Roll These Days:)

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

I’m use to get “silent” flack here I’m sure. I may not hear you disagreeing, complaining or being disgusted by something that I may have written and wondering why I even tackled that topic. I do not hear you but I feel some of you and you know what that is okay. I am not here to please all and I wish I could but none of us can. SO, I am here to do what makes me happy and that’s writing. Like I have said before I go with the flow and yes, stray away a lot from my so-called “Niche”. I’m way too diverse to keep to one subject and although, it may interest all of you…I cannot and will not ever just write about books.

I know, I know I hear it coming through the silent sound waves here “You are writer, how could you not enjoy writing about your niche?” Well, I’m sorry I could never be like those who constantly critique books, write about all stuff “books” or only discuss topics related to them. That is fine for me but I get restless and want to do more. I know I should not say this but point-blank writing critiques and only about books bores me. Books don’t bore me and writing books doesn’t bore me but constantly talking about them does. Yup, I’m guessing you find that “abbynormal” we call it here. My husband says he is abbynormal at times. I am well aware it’s not a word-again another made-up word from this “Chrissy Smith” that should know better. But this Chrissy Smith really has to not care so much what others think. I understand that is being selfish. But if you knew me you’d know I cared so much, worried all the time and it will eat you alive. If you knew me you’d say “Wow, it took her a long time to overcome things and not worry so much about what others think of her. Good for her!”. So, I’m not lacking that gene or anything about caring about others but I cannot live my life worrying over how others feel about me. That was for my youth and now I have grown a lot while overcoming lots of stressful obstacles to get here. I am proud of who I am now and what I have become. I believe that’s how everyone should feel. You should love yourself and who you are first THAN worry about others…lol:) Sounds selfish but it’s not being selfish at all. If you don’t love yourself then how on earth can you express or feel love for anybody else? It’s in the holy bible I’m thinking-Yup, I have my version of that too:)

Honestly, I do know how I go on tangents, off topics which should be revealed in my titles-I know you are probably all saying “Get to the point!!” Well, the point of my topic here is that I have decided something and like I said I can feel the flack on this one. But I would love to read all the books I can before that unfortunate day when I….well, let’s not go there but that day hopefully I will visit an awesome place and not somewhere where the heat is unbearable:) So, in order to get through books faster and junk or set aside for others the books that I am not interested in…… I’ve decided a new method to my madness, of course. I will and cannot get through all the books but I can get through a lot more by not reading the ones that in the end I will not have enjoyed much.

I know my method or theory will probably work for me (not for all though) but I will never know truly for sure about it. But I have decided that if by paragraph three or four the most I’m not captured into this book or enjoy the way the writer writes than I will set it aside for others to enjoy. I figure if you have not got me by those first few paragraphs and your writing is not my cup of tea (how you write-as we all have our own style, etc.) then I will move on. If I am enjoying I go a page or two, even a chapter or more. BUT with in the first few paragraphs usually even by the second one-I do know pretty much if I will enjoy this book or not. You must capture my attention quickly or I get bored. It’s just the way I’m programmed and usually I have given books many chapters to so-called captured my attention but now there is so much I’d like to give a chance to and read that I have developed this way of dealing with it. I’m really not like others and have no patience when it comes to books. Yes, in my younger days I gave them more of a chance but now with everyday life I just don’t have that much time to do so. If I’m going to read a book I don’t want to finish it and be let down by it. I’m probably not being fair but when writing a book the first chapter is your most important one and its meant to catch that reader’s attention. I’m sure if you don’t capture within the first few at the most, than they probably won’t be reading on. I know I would not do so. But hey, that’s just me and as always, take it with a grain of salt coming from this peanut gallery!

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Late “INK” Edition – How To Keep Calm Under Pressure

Late %22INK%22 Edition-

When the chips are down and your feeling so low keeping calm may not be your strong suit. If you’re like me than you take the other route and gain the upper hand by smiling, keeping calm or even taking charge of the situation at hand. It’s no doubt that most are unable to keep it calm in certain stressful situations. We aren’t built to partake in stress of such magnitude that it blows your mind to even think about it. Therefore, most us can’t keep on smiling and jump the gun, so to speak before thinking while exploding with our words-hopefully:) We are only built to sustain low-impact situations and call it a test or act of God to see what we are made of. Although, many and most of us fail that test because we just don’t have that much patience in life. Due to the overwhelming stresses in daily life, we are unable to go on and on with unnecessary situations without finally combusting. Trust me, “combusting” is sometimes a great release but it won’t get us anywhere good usually.

Keeping calm under pressure takes a certain knack and most of us, just don’t have it. However, we can learn to have that undeniable handy knack if we want to. It takes a bit of talent but with your common sense you too, can overcome the wrath of stressful situations and how they make you feel. Honestly, it sucks that in today’s day and age that things have gotten so out of hand with people. If it weren’t for those types of people who drive you nutty with their insanity-then life would be so much easier. We all have someone, something or other types of issues we have to deal with. Its part of life and it’s not going away. But learning to take them with a grain of salt and override them plus the people who thrive on causing the drams is the best way to handle it.

Before we can look to seeing things in a different light…One must realize the situation at hand to tackle it head-on. It’s really not that hard to take control of these annoying situations and to deal with them differently. But first you must address them and want to change how you react to them. If you want to change, then point-blank you can. Trust me, its less stressful to you to see things in a different way then it is to react to them with rage, aggression and a not so-pretty outcome for the most part. Lots of deep breaths and think before you speak. Make sure to calm your heart rate down and try to ease your thoughts, as they race through your head. You don’t have to deal with this BS and you know what? You are better than that and far more competent to let it go than the person you are dealing with.

If we could all just “SMILE” at a person yelling, screaming or making no sense to us…than that would leave them no fuel for their fire. And trust me, it pisses them off more that they can not get to you. It’s a very hard thing to do…”Smile and Say nothing” but it truly aggravates the crap out of the other person. A lot of us like to have the last word, like to add our two cents but when dealing with others sometimes the best thing is to listen and say nothing. Do not let them get the best of you and this is the true secret to staying calm under this type of pressure driven situation. It may suck to do but in the end it really does work. Plus, you are the better person for not dealing with them and taking charge of the situation in a way that does really work.

Article & Photo By Chrissy Smith

Morning “INK” Edition – Unfortunately, Anyone Can Write A Book & That Shows in Today’s Society


Should there or even could there be so-called “Laws” put in effect for those who write books? I know, the thought is an interesting one but definitely not a doable one. With today’s society being the way it is-anyone can write a book and they do! Unfortunately, a lot of us get roped into buying the book but then soon find out that it really should not be out there in the market. The advance in technologies nowadays makes it possible for anyone and everyone to write a book. However, there are a lot of people who should not be in the field of writing books. Of course, we do not have to buy the book and there is that “freedom of speech” thing, that allows them to write, say or do whatever they want in regards to writing a book. We don’t have to read them but they may have a great cover and description misleading that they aren’t really up to par. With that being said, it’d be nice to have laws that prevented the sales of those types of books but of course, we live in a much different type of world now.

I believe first and foremost that if you decide to write a self-help book, reference book or the how-to types of books…than by all means you should have lived it, know it or otherwise. You should not be allowed to write a book such as that on a topic you are researching into. It becomes much more routine and unreal this way. If you have experienced it, know-it or done it…than it is coming from the heart and is real. This is perceived throughout the book and really makes it worth it to the reader to read. I think you can always tell which way it was written. When its real you just feel it and trust me, it means so much more from a person who has suffered from it or has knowledge in it. If you cannot write it verbatim than you should not be writing the book to begin with. This is just my opinion and of course, take it with a grain of salt if you want to:)

We of course, have the fictional books which are creations of the mind and again anyone can write them. If you are creative enough to do so than go ahead. But if it’s not up to par and should not be out there, then just consider a great accomplishment. You can always hand out copies to family and friends to get their opinions on it first. I had my Aunt read my books while I wrote them and took her opinions on them. I also had my two daughters reading some of them while writing them, as well. So, I had people critiquing them and giving input. There is no other constructive criticism than that from your teenage children. They hold nothing back and do pull punches. But they kept me writing until the end. They kept on saying when will you have more for me to read, as they were interested in what was going to happen next in my crime-filled love twist drama – NO REAL ESCAPE To My NIrvana. Yup, a plug there but not really:)

So, how do you feel about “Laws” being put into effect although, out of the realm of possibilities? How do you feel about people doing research for nonfictional self-help, reference or how-to books? Should anyone be able to write about anything regardless of their knowledge on the subject? 

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HAPPY 101st POST TO ME – Accomplishments Should Be Celebrated:)

I know, I know who really cares? Well, I celebrate on 101st of things here, as I always thought of “1” for good luck. I know this means not much to others. But for me its something to celebrate here and an accomplishment. I am still not a seasoned veteran and don’t claim to be but I am accomplished thus far with 101 postings to my belt. I feel I can celebrate regardless of how others may feel or take that. We all must thrive to succeed in our own little ways. And although, I have bigger types of accomplishments in my life, this is still one too.

I write books and this blog because it makes me happy. I don’t do it for the money, for glory or fame. I do it for the right reasons and that’s the best reason of all. I don’t put down those who are in it for the money but they have lost the sense of what it’s really about. If you don’t like doing it, if you aren’t happy doing it and you don’t smile at the end of the day-than why do it? It makes absolutely no sense at all to me. I’m sure this comes across in your writing, as well. If you enjoy it it will show up on those pages.

I do so many topics here and realize that some may offend a bit or disgust. I cannot please everyone and I cannot limit myself to just “Books” which indeed would be qualified to be called my niche here. But I get bored honestly and could never do some of the blogs I see on here. Those are fine for those who enjoy those types of blogs but I do not like limiting myself. I do not want to write about books all the time and critique them. That honestly, is not my gig. I like to explore as much as possible or at least what interests me. I don’t sit up at night trying to come up with topics. I am more of a go with the wind type of person. Most of the time I sit down and have no idea what is going to come out of me here. Maybe that’s a good thing but maybe not. However, it’s how I roll here on WordPress.

I doubt I could ever even try to please half of the people reading my posts with what I post. I was contemplating yesterdays posting and yes, I do apologize for it but don’t have to. It is what I felt like doing at the time. Today I guess I’m on a more serious note here and I get that. My moods change like the wind as well and yup, call me Mrs. Bi-Polar but I don’t care. I gave up caring a long time ago about worrying over how everyone felt about me. I am what I am and hey, I like who I have become. Perfection is not what I would have ever been called but neither has anyone else. I have met a few whom thought they were perfect but no one is perfect and anyone with half a brain does indeed realize that.

With all that being said, please take it with a grain of salt. I just want to say we all need to celebrate our accomplishments in life and give ourselves credit when it is due. We all must feel good about ourselves because if we feel good about ourselves this energy generates to others. I see so many on here that definitely deserve their props. I strive to do it as well as them. But for the moment I’m happy just to be here doing what I like and congratulating myself:) Please don’t ever look down upon yourself and praise what you do well in life, all your accomplishments, endeavors, etc. Foremost, don’t let others get you down and care too much over how they will react. It’s about you and how you feel. That is what is most important here and most of all do it because you love it. If it makes you smile than it’s a good thing:) Enjoy your day everyone!!

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Morning “INK” Edition – The Books of Yesterday VS. The Books of Today


Can the books of today compete with the old classics of books of yesterday aka the past? It’s hard for me to think that the today’s books can in any way, shape or form compete with all the awesome books of the yesterday. I haven’t seen any that spark enough within me to compete with the classics. I guess I’m prejudice against the books of today or something! I don’t like to think I’m prejudice against anything but thinking this kind of it may be okay:)

I know that the classics are the classics for a reason. I know that they have gotten so much exposure over the years, that it may be hard to compete with them. Although, you have to admit they are what they are for a reason. The problem I do see is that they are a matter of taste, as well. What one may like or interests them…on the other hand may be of no interest to another. There will be debates throughout time about books and which ones are the best. But it is truly all our own opinion on the matter and no one person can say “This is the one!”. Because to others it is not the one. So, even if it is a classic it may not and will not appeal to all.

I do have my favorites like we all do. I will not list them here though. I want you to keep your own opinions as we all have them. I do know what they consider one of the best-written books ever. I will hopefully be getting through this book shortly. I keep this in mind while reading it but I cannot for the life fathom that there is only one truly best-written books out there. It’s very hard for me to believe with such great talent in the past and present.

What comes to mind with the books of yesterday is the fact that they did not have the technology of today. They worked differently than US Authors of today:) They had no computers, spell-check or reference books within the computer and such. They were there with pen to paper and it probably took a very long time to write a book-much more so than today, of course. So, these books are truer in nature of how it was supposed to be without the technology. This makes it much more brilliant to me, if you can understand what I’m saying. I never really took a look at this or thought much about it until now. But if you think of the work involved for authors today, you can just imagine without the technology what these people went through. I broke three bones in my wrist when thrown from my horse at age 12. I would not have been able to write books without today’s technology. I get shooting pain still to this day when I write more than a half page of information. So, I would not have been able to put pen to paper to write a book. I needed todays technology of fingers to keys. So, the great world of books would have not known this “Chrissy Smith”!!:)



Morning “INK” Edition – “So Much Drama & Way Too Little Time For It!”:)


I’m really sorry to bring this topic up but for some they live for drama in their lives. However, for me I try to stay away from it but as life goes…it comes to my neck of the woods almost daily. I hate to hear shit about shit and more about shit. I like to run and hide when drama comes my way but sometimes its hard to do. I have no time for drama in my life and I do not thrive on it, as others do. I have absolutely no clue as to why anyone in their right mind would want to deal with drama in their lives or the stress that comes with it. Although, for many they seem to love it and this I will never understand.

I do feel that most of us find the drama within our own families. It does run ramped there and I get this. It involves family members whom we love and this draws us into it. We do feel obligated to help them out, even if it is stressing the f*** out of us. After all it is our “family”. Do we take sides? Well, if it involves all family members no we should not but it often happens. Thus, making the whole family at odds and that’s not fair to do to us. Now of course, there is drama in the work place or within our friend circles and, in many other places you can find this unwanted stress. But the most prominent place is within our families.

Remember the theories or people stating rather about the good old holiday coming up in November. That’s right remember “Thanksgiving”? The holiday where we are all suppose to be “Thankful” for various things. Well, remember how they say…lol…that many families fight on this holiday among others. It really does defeat the purpose of the holiday, if you’re all fighting now doesn’t it? It’s rather odd that families get together on this so-called joyous holiday and end up all fighting. It totally defeats the meaning of the holiday but year after year this happens in even the nicest of families. Although, not really a good time with that damn carving knife in hand to be bi*ching out the chef of the awesome turkey now is it? It’s just interesting the way people act and the theories of family drama.

I have no doubt had way too much drama in my lifetime. But I never thrived on it, looked for it or enjoyed it. The people who tend to look for this will tell you they hate drama but their actions tend to tell us otherwise. Why on earth would you want to live your life with that in it? I had enough drama to last me a lifetime in my younger years. I now live very peacefully with a quiet existence until others try to bring “drama” my way. I try not to get involved and I do lend a listening type of ear but do not display my opinions to them on the matter. I don’t want to be involved at all. I listen but do not elaborate on it. I do not take sides or judge but rather just try to be there for them-the only way I know how.

So, with this being said…I say “SO MUCH DRAMA & WAY TOO LITTLE TIME FOR IT!”:) Although, I love my family, friends or even co-workers, etc. I have no time for the drama in your lives. I will lend an ear but not much more. I will not allow others to add stress to my life with drama from their lives because they tend to love the drama. They seem to not be able to live without it but guess what? I can live without, enjoy living without and will continue living without it!!!

How do you feel about drama? Does it stress you out or do you just ignore it? Do you love it or hate it? Where do you find it most in your life? Wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place without the daily drama you find out there within it?

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Creating “Self-Help” Books that Count!

Its true in this day and age “ANYONE” can write a book. Although, its only the best of the best who can actually create a book that matters. When it comes to the “Self-Help” non-fictional book, I do believe it matters who and what is written. What we as authors put out there does make a difference. We may not reach everyone but we do reach those who indeed we are supposed to touch, in a way that makes a difference and that’s what is meant by these types of books! They are truly out there to help others and to reach the right audience for that type of book. Writing a self-help book for any other reason to help other people is not really the right reasoning for writing a type of book of this nature. So, please keep in mind with this type of book that it’s not about the making of money but rather indeed, to help others with that specific problem. I can’t understand anyone writing this type of book for any other reason than that.

So, with that being said it does matter and make a big difference to the readers who is writing these self-help types of books. I as a writer, author and a reader do not want to read a self-help book by a person who has not dealt with the topic at hand. I want to read a book of this magnitude by someone who has experienced the topic or subject matter. I don’t want to read it from someone who is just doing the research and just find out about it. It’s just not going to ever be the same or up to par, as it will be by someone who knows the topic off the top of their head…that goes without doing the research. It comes more from the heart and a more realistic viewpoint. This is just how I feel. I do not even want to read about it by a Doctor or other medical professional. I want the real deal from someone who has experienced it. It’s how it has to be for me and how it comes across as real for myself. I’m not sure how everyone else feels but this is my opinion on the matter at hand here.

By all means pick up a self-help book from a medical professional and then pick up another one by a person who has suffered from that illness, drama or trauma in life. You will by all means feel the difference in how it is written and you will perceive it differently. It will be much more inspiring from the non-professional. Again, this is just my opinion and everyone has one…BUT I know that you will see what I am saying if you try reading both versions one by a professional in that field that has never suffered from that debilitating disease or problem and one who has. It’s written much differently and will make you see things in a much different light coming from the one who actually has felt the same way as you have.

I don’t know maybe it should be some unwritten law that these types of books are only written by those who has experienced your issue. I know this will never come to light but would be an awesome thing to see. SO, what are your thoughts on putting a law into effect? Would it or could it ever happen? I know doubtful but would be great! There are so many nonsensical laws out there in existence but when we really need one they are never put into effect. Oh well, we can all wish for things that will never come true or at the very least just bring them to light:)

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