A Milestone Met So…Full Steam Ahead – Happy 101st Followers:)



Is it a party aka a celebration of sorts when a blogger on any blog site reaches a hundred followers. It’s a grandiose milestone for one and a great self-esteem boost, as well. I always believed in a theory of “1 more for luck” thing growing-up…so, we are doing 101st followers instead of 100 followers. It is a big deal to me and I do believe we should all celebrate this type of accomplishment. I don’t think we are bragging or anything like that but we need to express that we have done something worth noting. I appreciate all those who choose to “Follow Me” and I thank them. Although, I often wonder why they follow me at times. How does one get so-called “Followed”? Is it our set-up of our design for our page, is it our “About Me” section post and what we had to say, or is it our pictures OR could it be the best compliment of all our “BLOG POSTS”? It obviously could be numerous things or it could perhaps incorporate more than one of them. Whatever it is it’s a lot of time and work on the author’s part so, a big compliment that boost our ego. I see all those with thousands upon thousands of followers and I understand that could be me but most likely never will be me. Because I am an “honesty” type of gal of my forty-somethings and I do realize that I am just not that good:) But I do appreciate the ones willing to listen to or read my nonsensical ramblings of various topics. I am actually a very shy aka timid as my awesome husband says which yes, did attract him to me but here I can express myself without feeling the pressure of the cliques, judgmental, groups of girls that shunned you in High School or just people who don’t get you. In the arena you can be yourself and if someone doesn’t like you than they by all means can not be on your side of the fence. I always think my side is greener because I’m a happier person now who tries to keep a smile going on my face no matter what. However, I do know I can be so-called “out-there” and some may not get that side of me, as I have an apt to thinking differently than others.

SO, I have other sites and do well on them. Heck, I even have thousands of so-called “Followers” on LinkedIn but well, only know probably under a 101 of them personally.  Then of course, we have Facebook, Twitter and others that they too seem to really “Like” my posts and I have friends there too but keep FB to a minimum now for personal reasons. Although, then you have other Blog sites which will remain anonymous but I don’t do so well on there and not sure yet what I am doing wrong. I am here and tend to cater to doing my “blogging” thing here but they go to my other site. However, I still have limited followers. Not sure on the trick there and other sites like it. I really don’t care at this point…as I am here and now have captured 101 of you and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on me while inspiring me to keep plugging away here. I had days where I said “Why am I bothering?” then I kept up with it. I started this out to promote my books and gain more exposure but the funny thing is I grew to just love doing it without trying to promote too much or make money doing it. I do this for the joy I receive in writing the blogs for an audience of 101 today:) With that being said I really have no ultimate goals here except to enjoy what I am doing and do it for the love it not what I can gain from doing it!!

Article By Chrissy Smith & Photos By Google!


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